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Reinis Pētersons


10 mins 30 secs




Reinis Pētersons

Charcoal drawings



A story about an anthropomorphic bear who works as an acrobat-motorcyclist in a traveling circus during the day but yearns for wildlife and forest where his true happiness seems to dwell at night. A little girl admiringly attends his every show but fears to approach him. One day, the bear decides to leave everything and takes off to the forest to pursue his happiness. This is a story of dreams, longing, the search for oneself, friendship and happiness. URSUS is completely crafted by hand. The entire work is illustrated with charcoal on paper resulting in the textures and in a delicateness that are characteristic of charcoal drawings. The film is deliberately created with this likely “classical” method as it tries to avoid the temptations of the digital world. There is no spoken word in the film. Everything is told by the universal language of images and music. The main themes of URSUS are the search for one’s place in the world, living with reality, and an outsider’s longing for understanding. The film is both about the nature of things and about natural things, about trying to cope with life and drawing closer to happiness.

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