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Lithuanian Alliance Of America

Strives to maintain a viable Lithuanian-American organization serving the community as a cultural, historic and information center to all persons interested in Lithuanian heritage and contemporary developments.



Founded in 1886, LAA is the oldest continuing operating Lithuanian organization in the world. It was founded by Lithuanian immigrants to provide economic assistance for newly arrived countrymen in the form of insurance, health benefits, mortgages and loans. LAA was established by Dr. Jonas Sliupas to preserve Lithuanian heritage and culture among the immigrants, and to help them integrate into American society.

In 1910 LAA acquired a four-story building in Manhattan which housed the main LAA offices as well as the publishing facility for Tevyne and other LAA publications. 

Launched in 1896, a weekly newspaper

Tevyne, was printed in SLA/LAA's headquarters and was intended to keep American Lithuanians abreast of pertinent information related to Lithuanian culture, politics, economics etc. 

Over the years SLA/LAA has reshaped itself according to cultural needs. The organization has bought property, built churches, created Lithuanian schools, supported students, orphans and the Lithuanian culture.


In 2015 SLA/LAA  first floor space was established to present art exhibits and serves as a venue for lectures, book presentations, and other cultural events.


Today LAA/SLA's archives consist of back issues of Tevyne, books, and pamphlets printed in house and elsewhere, various periodicals, photos of LAA events and people associated with the organization.

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